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The Construction Craft Laborer Apprenticeship Program allows individuals to earn wages while participating in skills training and development classes. This registered apprenticeship program is approved by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, State Apprenticeship Council to provide the participating apprentices, their employers, and sponsors with a standard of treatment, quality, and equal opportunity, to assure value with meaningful outcomes at the end of the experience, when graduation is achieved, and a credential from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is awarded. 

Several PA Laborer apprentices are learning and performing cement tending from an expert PA Training Center instructor. Become a Laborer Apprentice today.
About Our

The instructors presenting the training classes are certified through the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as Construction Craft Instructors with LiUNA Training and Education Fund.

  • Applicants must complete an application at the Laborers Local Union facility they want to work from (Building Trades or Heavy and Highway), present a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license, and reside in the 29-county jurisdiction of the Eastern Pennsylvania District Council.

  • Applicants must be at least 17 years of age to apply and 18 years of age to work at a construction site.

  • Applicants are required to complete a knowledge test successfully.

& Selection
  • Applicants who meet the eligibility requirements based on successfully completing the knowledge test will be placed on a list.

  • Applicants on the list will be required to complete a strength test during week one.

  • Applicants selected on the successful completion of the knowledge will be required to complete one week of orientation training before work commencement.

About The Apprenticeship

The 2023 Apprenticeship Term

  • Minimum of 4,000 verified work hours of on-the-job training from participating employers.

  • Minimum of 304 hours of related classroom instruction in technical and theoretical subjects to supplement and reinforce on-the-job training.

  • Apprentices shall be subject to a 1,000 work hours probationary period.

Apprentices will be paid in accordance with the following wage progression increases.

  • The range of Laborers Journey Worker wages in 2023 is $23.01 to $30.63 per hour. This depends on locality and skill task category.

  • Fringe benefits packages are in addition to the wages, and include health care, pension, training and in some Local Unions, an annuity plan.

Work Hours Progression
Percentage of Journey Worker Rate
0 – 999 Work Hours
1,000 to 1,999
2,000 to 2,999
3,000 to 3,999
4,000 Completed
A PA Laborer Training Center instructor standing on a bridge deck with their P.P.E

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